Who we are

BMTZ is the professional association for Clinical Engineers!

A Clinical Engineer (CE) is driven to optimize healthcare with the help of technology, such as new technological developments and methods to improve processes. The Dutch association of Clinical Engineers (BMTZ) was established to bundle the power of the growing number of CEs working in Dutch healthcare. We believe that medical technology can be used more safely and effectively to improve healthcare. To achieve this, a CE acts as a professional in the area between:

  • Technology in care processes
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Management

The Clinical Engineers main tasks

  • Establishing and monitoring supported procedures in accordance with current legislation and regulations (including the Covenant on Safe  Application of Medical Technology in Hospitals).
  • Implementing, monitoring and adjusting the procedures.
  • The actual organization of the medical-technological input in the care process.
  • Taking care of the quality process incl. risk analysis.
  • Preventing dangerous or unclear situations.
  • Coordinate the content of education and training.
  • The development and monitoring of performance indicators.
  • Monitoring the coherence of technology policy.
  • Contributing to a reporting point for incidents.

The Clinical Engineer in the hospital organization

As a medical technology coordinator, the CE must report directly to a member of the board of directors. In the Technology Committee, the coordinator works closely with officials who are involved in medical technology in a broad sense. As a medical technology coordinator, the CE can in principle operate from two positions: the line position with an executive responsibility for medical technology or the staff position with a responsibility for the quality process. Both positions have advantages and disadvantages. Condition for proper positioning is that the officer has sufficient authority in dealing with complex and acute situations, that he is sufficiently aware of substantive details and risks, that the officer can operate independently, and that he has sufficient information and management options. The theme “medical technology” covers the entire process of medical technology. Therefore, BMTZ advises choosing a staff position in the organization, because this role  fits more with the independent advisory role that is essential for this officer.